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Surround yourself in beauty & comfort.

Feel the satisfaction of a stylish and functional room.


Life is too short for an uninspiring home.

Are you living in a house that leaves you feeling uncomfortable or dissatisfied ?

Is your condominium set-up so you can enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest ?

Does the thought of renovating or re-decorating leave you confused and overwhelmed by the number of options ?


Here's what I can do for you.

What makes my interior designs different ?

My experience in furniture, product and interior design in Italy, Asia and North America allows me to offer you expertise in bespoke furniture design, built-in furniture & mill work.  My design education affords me to offer solutions on technical aspects of interior design such as producing lighting, electrical & electronics layout drawings.


What my clients say.

131 Holland Penthouse, Ottawa, Canada.

131 Holland Penthouse, Ottawa, Canada.


How I work with you.

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Phase 1 : Interior Design Consultation

All projects start with an in-home consultation.  My recommendations during this working meeting can be implemented by you, or be used to launch a full service turnkey project effectively and efficiently.

A complementary, 15-minute meet & greet at my office or a phone call prior to consultation are also available.

$145/ hour + HST in Ottawa, Canada

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Phase 2 : Concept Design & Finalization

The information gathered in the initial consultation is used to create a Concept Design that includes : an AutoCAD drawing package, product samples & selections and a budget spreadsheet. Revisions to the Concept Design are made as per your preferences.

The Concept Design can then be implemented by you or by me in Phase 3.

Colour 3D drawings are also available upon request.

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Phase 3 : Design Implementation & Project Management

Once the Concept Design is finalized and approved by you, I work with you and the General Contractor, suppliers, tradespeople & artisans to order products, create a schedule and to build and/or install the design, according to the AutoCAD drawing package and General Contractor’s quotation.