Chinese Garden Stools - Art, Furniture or Decor ? / by Yvonne Potter

Every once in a while, something comes along that defies categorization. The Chinese Garden Stool is once such item :



Although the name implies outdoor use, it works just as well indoors and defies style categorization as it works well in many interior styles ranging from traditional :

garden-stool-interior-design 2.jpg

to eclectic :

garden-stool-interior-design 3.jpg

to modern :

garden-stool-interior-design 4.jpg

Being a ceramic product, it naturally works in wet environments like bathrooms :

shower yellow-garden-stool 5.jpg

And of course your outdoor oasis :

Urban-Oasis-side-yard 7.jpg


So is it art, furniture or decor - you decide. Search online to see the vast array of colors and designs out there.