Why hire an Interior Designer [when you can do it yourself] ? / by Yvonne Potter

Here are 9 reasons for you to consider :

1] Learn about something new.

Fresh ideas, new perspective. Experienced interior design professionals open a window into the world of design, art, architecture.

2] Reflect your style, values and taste.

You know what you like and don't like, but not sure how to achieve these preferences in your home.  Maybe you get overwhelmed with all the details and options. Interior designers are skilled in editing, balance, scale and proportion, therefore can produce a cohesive and coherent style solution for you.

3] Another perspective.

You like a lot of different styles and not sure what is the most suitable for your home, budget or lifestyle. Interior designers are trained in the history of design, ergonomics, psychology of color, perception, architectural styles and can recommend things you may not have thought nor heard of.

4] Project planning and management.

You get excited about making positive improvements in your home, but don't want the hassle of doing all the research, planning, shopping, hiring multiple trades, etc.  Interior designers provide project planning, budgeting and project management as part of their services. They also have a team of go-to tradespeople and artisans to produce high-quality results.

5] Avoid do-it-yourself mistakes that can be costly.

6] Cost of things.

An experienced interior designer will know the cost of things right from the get-go. They will be able to assess your wish list and coach you at the very beginning what your budget will allow for.

7] Treat yourself.

Life is short - enjoy it to the max by treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind custom designed room or entire home ! Similar concept to having a custom dress or suit made.

8] Technology. 

You want a more relaxing, Feng Shui environment, including equipment [e.g.a modem, router] and appliances built-in to cabinets & layouts that flow. Having an interior designer produce drawings that show how this can be achieved is paramount.

9] Develop a lasting relationship with a valued professional.

You have a hair stylist, aesthetician and personal trainer and now you want an Interior Designer as part of your lifestyle team. You value and trust professional advice in order to enjoy your life to its fullest.